What Emotions Are You Addicted To?

The ability to change the course of our lives has long fascinated us all. The power to change completely the way things are happening in our lives is a thought that is always crossing our minds. To take control of every aspect of our lives and be able to remain unaffected by stressful situations seam sometimes an impossible dream to pursuit.

Knowledge is a great ally we can have to help us in anything we want to achieve. If we buy a new washing machine, new model full of new functions, the best on the market we will need to learn how it works and all the programs it can perform otherwise we won’t have all the benefit that it offers to us. If we want to become an accountant or a good cook we will need to acquire the proper knowledge to do so. However, when it comes to how we, human beings, operate we don’t give much attention about it and just switch on the auto pilot and live our lives in the lowest level of our real capacity.

We can be addicted to certain emotions and even worse use the powerful tool of our thoughts to feed these addictions. Emotions like victimisation, feeling guilty and feeling unworthy are as addictive as cocaine or heroine and can destroy our lives just as much. Surprised? The chemistry behind the emotions starts in the brain where we have stored all our memories and experiences and also emotional inheritance from our parents.

If the addiction is to be a victim it is because we have a program running in our brain saying that we are a victim. It can be because we had experiences in the past that made us believe we are a victim in all situations. It can also be inherited from our parents. So every time we have an experience that reminds us of these past experiences our thoughts cause the brain to produce certain chemicals that are flushed into our body and bound in our cells. After doing it over and over again in our lives these cells get addicted to these chemicals and if they don’t receive their fix they will start to send signals to the brain asking for it. The next thing is that from anything we experience in our lives we will find a way to start thinking about something that will make us feel a victim and the cells will then have their fix. This process will go on and on.

Sound crazy? Let me give an example. Let’s say you are in a queue in the bank and when it is almost time to be served the cashier closes the till. This event will probably trigger thoughts of how things happens just with you and how it was always like this, everybody is unfair with you and then before you realise it you are experiencing victimization emotion and giving your cells a fix.

Now as our body is addicted to these chemicals we are always going to find a way to have a fix. This means that we are unconsciously going to search in our everyday life for every opportunity to feel this way. Just the same way when we buy a car or we know someone who bought a specific car model we are going to see it everywhere. Before we wouldn’t notice this model at all but now we tend to see it incredibly often. The same way, we scan for situations that is familiar to our past memories and experiences of victimisation or unworthiness or angriness or guiltiness.

Avalanches of chemicals can be triggered by a single thought. When our body is begging for a fix and sending signals to the brain we will suddenly remember something from the past and from a fine state we will change our mood in seconds to feel angry, a victim, unworthy or guilty.

That’s why some people spend years and years in abusive relationships and can’t get out or work in a job that makes them extremely unhappy. They are addicted to feeling like this and even if they break up the relationship or find another job they will end up in another similar situation.

As I mentioned before knowledge can make all the difference. If we make an effort to learn how our brains work we can transform our old selves into who we want to be. So next time you catch yourself having these thoughts to fix your addictions just interrupt them and think the opposite.

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