Treat Life with Generosity

Or should I say ‘Give Life A Treat – Be Generous’

“What do human kidney donors and rabbits that drum their feet on the ground have in common?” – Richard Gross

Giving to others is a kind of therapy that puts us in touch with our humanity and also contributes to the balance of society.

We are living in an individualistic time, where we find ourselves always fighting our way in life, however all this effort is not worth it if we do not see each other, if we are not able to sympathise with the pain and needs of others. We are part of a network that needs generosity in order to avoid it from bursting.

That virtue is praised by many different religions on the planet, emerging even as a link between them. In most ancient traditions, the practice of solidarity and love to others walk hand in hand with the practice of justice and spirituality.

Caring for others is caring for ourselves as caring for the planet is essential for survival. It is our responsibility to build relationships and the world in which we wish to live.

Throughout life, the more generous experience, more natural is the altruistic act. This ethic seeps into our way of life, guiding better choices and attitudes. When you practice generosity, others can learn and practice as well. The effect, then spreads around and gets stronger.

But it is not just for ensuring the collective order and at the end of the day, sleep with a clear conscience. Be cordial and sympathetic to those around us is, above all, the expression of a heart free of any interest. An exercise that makes us more human, and neutralizes the individualism that tends to separate us from the others.

The generosity renews your energy. Psychology is categorical with regard to interpersonal relations: the other mirrors our own image. When we put aside for a few moments our own problems and frustrations and help somebody, we undertake a trip back to our own essence.

Genuinely care for others enables you to find ways to overcome our own obstacles. Giving allows us to replenish and renew our energy.

Generosity manifests itself in every small gesture. Being generous is: respect the workspace of a colleague, giving attention to a child, compromising in a negotiation aiming for a better outcome for all parts involved and last but not least the family, our core, is a good starting point to train and hopefully expand our capacity for giving.

Another exercise is to learn to be generous with ourselves. After all, what good is in striving to improve the lives of others if you are unable to give to ourselves a word of encouragement before the mirror or to respect your boundaries on a daily basis?

Why not start now to put generosity into practice? If we can be in the world with the consciousness directed to a ‘we’ instead of ‘me and the others’, perhaps the feeling of solitude that accompanies many fades and people can contribute to a more generous and fair society.

By the way the answer to the question above is that both are trying to help others. The first one is quite obvious and the second is warning other rabbits of a dangerous situation.

This article was inspired in someone I know all my life and is immensely generous his name is Demin Netto.


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