Spot The Gorilla

How easy it can be to miss opportunities just because we can’t see things that are right in front of us.

Watch this video and ask yourself if you are losing precious opportunities that are at your disposal but located in your blind spot.

Do you want to spot the gorilla and everything else? Make sure you train your brain to be sharp enough to see from all perspectives.

According to Prof. Richard Wiseman you have to prime your brain with the question/problem and dedicate some time to find the answers you are looking for. The second step would be to just transfer the question/problem to the back of your mind and do something else, ideally something new not what you would do routinely.

When you dedicate some time searching for an answer/solution your brain starts to examine all the possibilities using all resources available to find what you are seeking. However, if you are too focussed all the time you can easily miss the gorilla or the curtains changing colour and so on.

That is why it is so vital to push it to the back of your mind and do something else completely unrelated like going to a museum or do some gardening. Anything that is different from your routine. Your brain will keep working on your question/problem in the background and will make the necessary connections to solve your issue.

Be aware though that you should keep your eyes peeled. Stay away from auto-pilot mode. In this mode our brain slows down because we are doing things in an automatic way. There is no need to think, create or ponder in this mode. To optimize our brain capabilities we need to be challenged by asking interesting questions to ourselves or trying to see things from another perspective.

Seeing things from another perspective is not always very easy depending on our personality. Sometimes we are too stubborn or too attached to our own point of views which makes the experience of trying new perspectives almost impossible. A solution for it is to ask people with very different backgrounds what would they do if…? Children are the best ones to ask, they come up with wonderful answers that might not solve your problem but listening to these different perspectives will make your brain take other paths and come up with unexpected and creative answers.

Sense of humor and always ready to have a laugh is also a good combination to relax your brain leaving it in the ideal state to produce great ideas and solutions. There is a strong connection between laughter and freedom of thought and expression. In short, a playful mode is all you need to build a brain new networks, new skills and intelligent solutions.

Seeing the obvious is not a privilege for a genius, but it is clear that overcoming the blind spots of vision was what made ??possible major advances in science, industry and business: Newton understood the gravity, Darwin developed his evolution theory, Gutenberg typography and Henry Ford won an empire. And you? What will be your big hit?


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