Fight Depression with Good Nutrition

Tips on foods for depressionSuffering from depression has numerous causes including nutritional deficiencies meaning that even if the reason for being depressed is not nutritional related the one in depression can see his/her state worsen if a close look to the diet is not taken seriously.

It is well known that certain types of food can increase serotonin – the neurotransmitter responsible for the fell good sensation. For example many depressed people tend to eat lots of carbohydrates as they increase serotonin production. However, be aware that refined carbohydrates have a temporarily effect lasting for a couple of hours only. Furthermore they drain your Vitamin B reserves and blood sugar levels causing Vitamin B deficiency and hypoglycaemia which is a condition where the blood shows low levels of glucose (sugar). Glucose is the primary source of energy to the brain without it the brain function and behaviour is altered causing an imbalance causing a feel bad sensation to in some drastic cases coma.

Choose complex carbohydrates instead as they will be released slower and longer. They will provide stable increase in blood sugar and serotonin levels. Just think about them as if they are a drip releasing slowly but constantly the nutrients you need.

Here is a list of complex carbohydrates:

Seeds Sweet potatoes Oats
Prunes Museli Brown Rice
Yogurt (low fat) Split peas All types of beans
Dried Apricots Lentils Yams
Buckwheat Bread Multi-grain bread Oat bran Bread
Brazil Nuts* Walnuts Raw cacao

*Brazil nuts are very rich in selenium and excellent for boosting brain functions and fight against depression.

B vitamins are essential as they combat the causes of depression and stress. A deficiency in vitamin B6 can lead to depression and other complications. Most of the list above contains B6 vitamin plus fish and poultry.

Foods to be limited

Some foods can make depression even worse. Some of them are listed below and should be eaten occasionally if you can not avoid them.

Caffeine: If ingested more than once a day can aggravate the depression symptoms. Choose caffeine free tea and coffee.

Processed Sugar: Cakes, biscuits, candies, chocolate and sweet pastries. Chocolate is famous to be a serotonin enhancer you can eat it but with moderation and choose a high quality one. Don’t forget they eat up all your B Vitamins reserves and the glucose from your blood.

Deep-fried and foods high and fat: They are not very nutritious and if eaten regularly will mean that you are depriving yourself from the good foods plus these kind of fats cause poor circulation to the brain compromising the neurotransmitters performance.

Alcohol: Avoid drinking in excess don’t forget alcohol is a chemical like the neurotransmitters in the brain that regulates behaviour, mood and numerous other functions. The chemicals contained in the alcohol can cause an imbalance in our own brain chemistry leading in extreme cases to psychosis and dementia.

Eating when depressed can be trick as depending on the person there is a tendency to over eat or under eat. The important thing is to eat regularly and the right kind of food. If the comfort eating is your way try to have plenty of nuts, dried fruit and seeds always handy. If you don’t feel like eating try soaps and protein powder they are easy to drink and very nutritious.


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