Do Optimism and Positive Thinking Suck?

The answer for this question is a big YES.

If you are a dreamer optimism will serve for nothing. Everybody is taught to be optimistic and have positive thoughts but the point we are missing is that we have to be a ‘doer’ to get where we want to be. Being optimistic about the future will not help if you don’t have specific goals to get to your dream life.

If you have as a goal to be successful and have lots of money and are very optimistic and full of positive thinking you will certainly get there if you can answer these questions: How you are going to make this happen? What is your action plan?

There is a huge difference between a dreamer and a doer. The dreamer is always thinking positively and seeing in his mind the astounding house he owns, the swimming pool and the expensive cars he can drive. Unfortunately the dreamer will fail to say how they are going to make all this happen because he doesn’t have a plan or a purpose.

Lots of people are in the dreamer category fantasizing about the future in the hope they will win the lottery or some miracle will suddenly happen. Sadly they will be in the same place in the future, same job they don’t like, in a relationship they are not happy with and keeping the same old destructive habits like overeating, overspending and over drinking using positive thinking and optimism totally in the wrong way.

The doer uses the optimism and positive think in the right way as a leverage to keep going and conquer their goals. The doer also dreams but he has a plan on paper showing where he is now, how he is going to make his way to his ultimate goal which is where he wants to be in the future.

The plan is like a map showing the path you have to follow in order to get where you want. If you are on holidays in a place where you are not familiar with and you want to go sightseeing, the first step is to go to the tourist center in your hotel and take a brochure which will have the touristic points and a little map showing how to get there. Then you are going to sit down and make a little route where to go first and last according to where you are and the circuit of attractions. Isn’t it pure common sense? Would you venture to go sightseeing without a map? So why could we possibly think we can do without a map in life?

Of course during our sightseeing we will get a little bit lost sometimes but we have our map and our route so we can go back to the map and get back on track. Then due to a conversation with a local who showed you a shortcut you may decide to change slightly your route or maybe you have to re-think your route because some attractions are not open yet or you have to take a long detour due to road works but the point is you have your route and you know exactly where you are going so no matter if you have to make some last minute changes you have a certainty that you are going to arrive at your destination. The same is with our plans for the future.

Once you have a map and a route then the answer for the question in the title is a HUGE NO. Optimism and positive thinking DO NOT suck. Actually they are essential to make sure you will arrive at your destination. They represent the attitude you need which is the assumption and the expectation that everything will be fine. The by products of optimism and positive thinking are assurance and positive expectations the two key ingredients of achievement because they give you the fuel needed to keep going. In other words from the start you assume and act knowing that getting there is only a matter of time. These two key ingredients also have the power to manifest some very important qualities you must have to succeed which are creativity, motivation, strength, persistence, discipline, enthusiasm, humor, flexibility and dedication.

So if you have a dream but you don’t know how to plan your route to get there you can try this amazing system – Goals On Track. – It will explain and take you step by step even if you have no idea about goal settings. It’s surely worth a try.


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