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An Interesting Subject?

What is interest rates,  borrowing cost, borrowing ratesIn some of my previous posts I have discussed Interest, but perhaps we should ask ourselves “What is Interest?” (more…)

How Inflation Is Controlled By Government

I had lots of requests mainly from very young people about the post: “So How Does The Government Control Inflation?”  (more…)

Building Society or Bank?

what is a building society, building society or bankWhat’s the difference you will probably say. They do the same thing. To some extent that is true but (more…)

So How Does a Government Control Inflation?

How Does a Government Control InflationWell, a fairy godmother with her magic wand to put everything right would be marvellous, but (more…)

So Does This Interest Thing Always Work?

interest rates, interest, bank interest, interest rateIn some of my previous posts I have commented on money, value and inflation and that governments use interest rates as the first and (more…)

What Does Inflation Mean to You?

average inflation, current inflation, real inflation, inflation increase, inflation pricesTake a balloon and blow air into it so it expands and there you have inflation! (more…)

Cost, Price and Value

control your money, financial bedget, how money works, how people make money, how to save moneyWe all know what these are, don’t we? Even so it is worthwhile to just think about these three words in a little more depth. (more…)

Money or Barter?

Money Or BarterWhat is money? That is a stupid question you might think. Everyone knows what it is. It’s those pieces of paper and those metal coins that we all use to buy what we need or want.

Ye-e-es, but (more…)

Who is in Control? You or Your Money

who is in control you or your moneyThis may seem to be a very silly question but do you ever wonder at the end of the week where all your money went and left you with nothing? (more…)

Out of Debt FOREVER

how to get out of debt, ways to get out of debtIf I could show you a system which would help you pay off ALL your debts in just a few short years, would you be interested? (more…)

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