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Increase Your Brain Power

improve your brain power, how to increase brain powerDid you know that you can boost your brain power by eating certain types of food? Surprised? Well it is absolutely true and pleasurable at the same time. All those neurotransmitters up there, they are crucial in the communication between the brain and the rest of our body. (more…)

How to Use Our Brain Effectively

how to use the brain, using your brain, use your brain, how to use brain effectively, how to use more of your brainThe first step on how to use our brain more effectively is by learning at least a little bit about this fantastic ‘thing’ we have within our heads. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a manual – it would be so helpful! (more…)

How We Perceive Reality And How To Change It

perceiving reality, perceiving, definition of perceive, perceived reality, reality consciousness, perceiving realityBehind perception there is a very sophisticated process that involves the way our brain interprets the information we receive from our senses. The interpretation is directly related to what we believe and feel about the information being input. (more…)

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