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Developing The Power to Handle Difficult People II

The Power to Handle Difficult PeopleWillpower to Change

It is now obvious that the willpower to deal with difficult people becomes realistic only if you have the willpower to change. Yes, the first person to change is YOU before any difficult person can be dealt with. (more…)

Developing The Power to Handle Difficult People I

managing difficult people, how to handle difficult peopleNow that you have a basic knowledge of the different causes and characteristics that govern difficult people, let us now learn how to master and, perhaps even enjoy, such difficulties. (Read previous posts): (more…)

Difficult People Attitudes Can Be Transferred

how to deal with difficult people, deal with difficult peopleTo fully understand the underlying dynamics of being a difficult person, it is necessary to know that some attitudes may be transferred, and any such transfer may result in a change of attitude – for better or worse. It is a law of nature. Good cells always produce better, healthier cells. Bad cells produce worse cells, and worse cells produce dead cells later. A good tree produces good fruits, and a bad tree produces bad crops. (more…)

How Different Pressures Affect People

difficult people, how to handle difficult peopleWhen pressures in life start to get out of control, a difficult person is born. Babies are cute even when they start to mess around with things. But when they grow up, it’s a totally different story. The same thing holds true for difficult people. They start out amusing, even witty, but most of them turn into monsters later—some overnight. (more…)

The Dynamics Underlying The Difficult Person

deal with difficult people effectivelyThey are out there. They could be your boss, college professor, business partner, landlord, or even your own spouse, children, siblings or parents. Anyone can be a difficult person to someone else. (more…)

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