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Spot The Gorilla

How easy it can be to miss opportunities just because we can’t see things that are right in front of us. (more…)

Treat Life with Generosity

Or should I say ‘Give Life A Treat – Be Generous’

“What do human kidney donors and rabbits that drum their feet on the ground have in common?” (more…)

Do Optimism and Positive Thinking Suck?

The answer for this question is a big YES.

If you are a dreamer optimism will serve for nothing. (more…)

How Our Mind, Body and Soul Became So Disconnected

the mind body connection, mind body connection, mind body relationshipHistory is a very powerful tool which certainly helps us to have a better understanding of the present facts. We hear a lot about how the mind, body and soul have become so disconnected and there is this avalanche of alternative therapies which try to make ourselves whole again. Let’s look historically and see if we can understand it better. (more…)

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