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Anxiety Treatment

anxiety treatment tipsHave had enough of anxiety attacks!

The best anxiety treatment is small steps that make you more relaxed and allow you to get rid of anxiety disorders once and for all.

Suddenly, they get the anxiety symptoms, palpitations, the breathing is accelerated, the hands and feet start to sweat and the whole body trembles. Then comes this sudden shortness of breath and a cold sensation in the belly. This is a description of the anxiety symptoms, a feeling that everyone knows. (more…)

Anxiety Symptoms

The main anxiety symptoms are:

Chest pain, feeling of choking, palpitation, tremors, shortness of breath, rigidity, waves of heat or cold, abundant sweating and cold, intensified reflexes (hyper vigilance), tingling of the hands and feet, feeling of imminent death or madness, dizziness, vertigo, instability, weakness, feeling faint, sense of loss of control, difficulties in linear thinking and logical.

When you suffer from anxiety attacks there are several events that occur at the physical level in our body. The main physical symptoms of anxiety disorders are: (more…)

What is Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety Disorders

Understand anxiety disorders and how to treat it.

Suddenly, from nowhere, comes the terror. Out of control. Completely. Need air. The body … Come on, move on. Notanxiety disorders tips moving, just shaking. The heart races. Suffocating. Then, slowly, the head stop spinning and a knot in the chest loosens, the sweat drips as if it is taking away the nightmare. And everything seems to pass. But is it? For those who experienced only one such crisis, the answer may be no. It is tattooed in the soul the fear that everything will happen again, like the first time. (more…)

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