Creativity – Soft As A Skill

soft skills creativityWhy creative thinking is essential in our lives? Considering that the most complex roles in life – i.e. children, emotions and relationships – don’t come with a manual it is clear that nature supplied us with instincts and creativity to deal with all of those sophisticated tasks.

There is no room anymore for the old concept that not everyone is creative, it is now proved that everybody can develop creative thinking. Researches showed that the only difference between the creative ones and the “non-creative” ones lies on just one difference. The ones considered creative they believe that they are creative and the ones who are labelled as “non-creative” believe the opposite.

We are all born creative but what happens is we allow people to tell us what we are capable of and what our limits are. However, the truth is, we should never ever let others put a limit or a label in what we can become because they don’t have a clue of what we could become, only we  know what we are capable of becoming.

As creativity is a skill we definitely need in life and in our careers let’s take a look how we can unleash it from the depth of our unconscious.

Positive Mood

A study made by Ruby Nadler and published in Psychological Science journal has shown that a positive mood can boost our creativity and problem solving skills. In the experiment the subjects were put in different moods using funny videos and happy songs or parts of sad movies and sad songs. Then they were asked to perform some tasks that required creativity and problem solving skills and unsurprisingly the ones in a positive mood were way better than the other group. So next time you need some good ideas laugh yourself to bright ideas watching a funny video, listening to happy songs or doing something that makes you feel good.


Amplify details of your experiences and relationship with the world. See your daily life through the lens of a six year old child or less. Transport yourself to a different view from yours.

Take Breaks

The pressure to think of a single subject is an inhibition in itself. As much as we speak wonders to remain “focused” is always good to keep in mind that this process restricts and limits new ideas. Go to a park there is something about being in contact with nature that makes our creativity go wild. I personally find churches and libraries heaven as far as peace and quiet is concerned. The main benefit is to cut off the excess stimuli.


“Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once we grow up” – Picasso. We must do what they do – Play and that was exactly what Carl Jung did. He would go to the garden and play with his little stones when he felt lost or stuck. Amazingly he had jaw dropping insights when he was playing!

Connect and Combine

Every time you find your mind wondering on random thoughts that won’t take you anywhere try exercising your mind to be creative. Think of five totally different words and try to connect them somehow or think about absurdly different objects and try to combine them into one.

Creativity is a human skill no other being has this ability only us humans. That is why we were able to get where we are and there is no limit for our creativity. Being creative doesn’t mean we have to be like anyone else, the opposite more likely, be unique, be able to beat the traditional and innovate with different procedures, forms, interpretations and versions.

Soft Skills – Affective Is Effective

soft skills tipsTeamwork is the word of order in an ever increasing competitive world. If you lack the ability to work within a team, no matter how qualified you, are you won’t be able to get very far up the career ladder.

The benefits of Teamwork are well known and directly linked to quality, productivity and a better quality of life for workers which translates into more profit for companies and more bonuses for employees.

But, what does it take to be great in ‘Teamwork’?

Learn to develop and practice strong Interpersonal Skills. According to Serge Moscovici, the interpersonal relationship is the interaction between two or more people involving self-awareness, having effective communication and learning to listen and learn from the other people’s differences.

Be fully aware of your role and that you are part of a collective purpose. Then learn to communicate assertively and politely. Use appropriate and straight language, avoiding the use of jargon and difficult terms when simple words are enough. Provide information as clear and complete as possible. Use multiple channels to stimulate several senses of the receiver (hearing, vision etc.). Use face to face communication whenever possible.

The big one is to learn from the differences. Usually we don’t like the differences as they only serve to annoy us. However, learning how to appreciate these differences will have a huge impact in our interpersonal skills ability. If all the individuals in a team are exactly the same it will be impossible to achieve excellence. Diversity is good and the key is to know how to extract the best from every individual. Be tolerant and remain flexible at all times.

Negotiation Skills – In a negotiation you are seeking acceptance of your ideas, intentions or interests in the best possible outcome through an agreement in situations where there are common interests, disagreements and conflicts of interests, ideas and positions. The parties involved must have the opportunity to present all their thoughts about the subject. Negotiation does not mean confrontation, but a harmonization of situations between the parties so that everyone involved can benefit.

Act as a diplomat. It is necessary to create a bridge so that your opponent can reach you. You need to be friendly, but that does not mean you have to accept whatever the other proposes. Work for others to say “yes” to your proposals, not to be disliked and end up failing to reach agreement.

The biggest lesson here is changing the way we see a negotiation as we tend to think there is only one winner in a negotiation. However, in a successful negotiation there isn’t just one winner, but two or the team. The gain has to be mutual, always!

Every organization has limitations and policies, and when there is actually a good team involved that actually brings results, the improvement occurs over time, but it is quite noticeable that the organization’s structure begins to change as a result of this group and recognition is sure-fire.

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